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Josiah Jackson is an American Music Artist, Actor, Comedian, Writer, Director.

He got his stage name "Aktion" from legendary hip hop artist Redman.

The AK in Aktion's name stands for "Also Known" Also Known to Rap, Act, Direct. 

Currently Aktion is working with Snoop Dogg's DJ "DJ Battle Cat" and many other talented producers to help create Aktion's creative vision of his Street edged style with a Comical/Animated twist which is something the west coast doesn't have at the moment. "I never wanted to be the artist that looked angry and constipated".

When he's not in the studio recording music, Aktion is either writing or reading scripts for up coming acting roles, filming short films and music videos for major and upcoming artist or creating new episodes for his "Time 4sum Aktion" comedy sketches on his social media links. 

Aktion was born in South Central L.A. raised in foster homes and placements.

When he was finally released from the juvenile hall court system, Aktion became homeless living in 67 different homes with friends and their families. Aktion's mother vanished from his life, his father abandoned him in an apartment never to come back.

In order to cope with everything in his life, Aktion turned to T.V. where he studied the art form of how entertainment used to be, Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Santana, Eddie Murphy and now Jamie Foxx. "Back in the day you couldn't just act to be on tv, you had to have more then 1 talent" The birth of Aktion's talents comes from his UNIQUE and distinguished personality and die hard work ethic to not give up, even if the world around him collapses which makes him a universal international entertainer world wide.



Opened up for:


Nipsey Hussle

(National Orange Show)


Dogg Pound

(Doesha Cup Concert)



(Swagga Fest - LA Convention Center)


(Club Tropicana) 

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